IVIG Timeframe

November 6, 2008 at 11:31 pm

I started with 1g/kg 2 days in April and saw results. Not like I had hoped. I think I thought I would skip or run out of the Infusion Center. That did not happen. But about three days after the initial load, I had increased energy and started making progress with improved muscle strength. I had only 1g/kg 1 day for each of the next two months. I maintained but did not improve. So, I was changed back to 1g/kg 2 days for the next three months. I am improving at a slow rate. I will notice that I can do something that I could not do several weeks before. But, I do not see daily or even weekly improvement. I too wonder what to expect. I read somewhere that what improvement you accomplish within 18 months is usually the extent of the recovery. I am suppose to meet with the doctor next week when I have my Infusion. I am hoping to get some answers at that time. Like I said, I am improving but it is so slow. I have had treatments for six months and I would say I am about 75% better. I am quite functional now, so the thought of 18 months is not as overwhelming as it seemed two or three months ago–just as long as there continues to be improvement!!