IVIg skin things

September 9, 2008 at 7:47 pm

I had what I thought was something like rosacea a couple of months ago; I have my IVIg every four weeks.

I never even thought of it being in anyway related to IVIg. It took about 3-4 months to go away, and I get little bits from time to time. It itchs like mad and is just red, raised and not nice.

I got pure Vitamin A cream from my facialist (my one personal luxury); and that worked really well. Any little spots are dealt with quite quickly.

She said that cortisone, etc. doesn’t work on that stuff very well – steriods will work but obviously I didn’t want to add to the load of toxin already in my body! The other thing to remember is that no matter what you try, your body takes about 28 days to recycle skin cells (longer as we get older!), so it won’t really get “cured” for at least that long and likely longer.

Anyway – it might not be anything to do with what you guys are dealing with — but as I said the Vitamin A cream worked a treat – helped with the itching as well. Could be a less “invasive” alternative to the other things.