IVIG "not working"

September 2, 2011 at 1:16 pm

I could say IVIG did not work. However, that would not be entirely accurate.

To be specific-

1. IVIG 2 days once per month did not work.
2. IVIG two times per week for 3 months did show improvement.
3. IVIG 1 time per week for three months following the 2 times per week resulted in declines.
4. IVIG 1 time every 2 weeks following 1 times per week showed more rapid decline.
5. IVIG 3 days every 3 weeks resulted in declines.
6. The initial 5 day loading dose showed improvement. However, the doctors discounted the effect because a month later I was right back where I started.

So, you see, I ‘could’ also say IVIG did not work. It did not work at the frequencies noted above.

Well, you know what they say- ‘every case is different.’