IVIG Maintenance

September 27, 2007 at 4:35 pm

I have been on .500mg per kg of body weight for more than 4 years. i get this amount every three weeks. I am weighed before each infusion and the amount I receive is calculated based on this weight. Three weeks ago I weighed 173lbs and I received 40gr of Carrimune. In early May when I weighed 207 lbs I receiveds 48gr. I also take 25mg Benydryl and 2 500mg Tylenol about 1 hr before I start the infusion. Infusion rate is also based on weight, with a heavier person getting the infusion a a fas ter rate than someone who is lighter. Also different brands of IVIG can be infused at different rates. An example is Gamunex, which has a 10% concentration may be infused at almost double that of Carrimune, which is a 5% concentration. I find I begin to fatigue a few days before I am due to be infused. I still am on Prednisone, now down to 10mg. Seems like I start to have problems if I go lower than this. I also take Imuran which I use primarily for Chronh’s disease, although this is supposed to help lessen the need for prednisone.