IVIG is infusing a BLOOD product…

May 5, 2007 at 10:15 pm

into your system, the first filter for the body in dealing with the wastes of this is your liver…that’s why docs’ always do the CMP -metabolic panel to see if it’s affecting that all important liver. If you read the information about any IVIG brand you’ll find statements that indicate it can affect it. They just don’t say which numbers mite change. For most folks they don’t change much. If your numbers change a lot or suddenly, it could be a time to sit down and re-think with your neuro and other doctors what medications you’re on, even supplements and how the each affect one another.

I’ve had infusions for over 2 years and some of my #’s are up, others down…I’m on a lot of other meds for other things as well tho. My docs’ aren’t concerned, just curious now as numbers that should be hi aren’t and low aren’t what each would view as normal for each single condition and med. Soo I blame the combination of meds.. and, as long as nothing suddenly changes, I don’t worry! Don’t we all have enough to worry about?

Who knows, maybe we’re doing something right and don’t know it?