IVIg grams and infusion…

May 12, 2010 at 7:04 am

Dear laurel,
[QUOTE]Hubby is 240 lbs. and gets 120 G. every three weeks. He get Privigin and they start at 72 ml an hour and ramp it up to 320. Supposedly that product is designed to allow a fast rate. His 120 G. is spread out over 2 days.[/QUOTE] Privigen is a 10% concentration…this means if your husband gets 120 grams, there is 1200 ML of IVIg to be infused.

I still can not understand the amount of grams for 240 lbs. Nevertheless, he probably gets 600mg each day, and at an infusion rate at 72 ML/hr the first hour, then 320 ML/hr for the balance, it probably takes about 2hrs and 40min for each day’s infusion.

Warmest regards.