IVIG Duration

May 20, 2006 at 9:23 pm

Hi Everyone,

I just read over some of the posts on this thread and it hit me that, since we’re rebuilding this site after Dr. Hacker destroyed all of our years of information, I ought to volunteer some more information I’ve learned about IVIG.

IVIG infusions are only supposed to work for up to 28 days maximum. Ig concentrations in the body increase by more than 10 times during the first 48 hours post infusion and then begin to taper off slowly down to normal during the 28 day cycle. Therefore, if your CIDP is still active, aggressive, or if you are like me and have the progressive form, the usual infusion “blast” given for several days in a row every 3 to 4 weeks probably won’t do much for you near the end of the cycle.

Allot of neurologists don’t think IVIG should be given weekly or multiple times each week, but I’m living proof that this kind of aggressive schedule will work with limited long-term side effects. IVIG is expensive and I feel that sometimes this effects the treatment plan as well.

Hope this helps!