IVIG cost

February 10, 2007 at 8:19 am

I haven’t had IVIG for almost a year now. My new Dr thinks I have GBS residuals, not CIDP that my first Dr thought. At that time I was getting 52 grams IVIG 3 days a month from a home health care service. The claim summery from my insurance shows they were billed $40,999.56. My insurance paid $8,239.44 and I paid $102.00. I start with Dr #3 on Monday to see if he can break the tie as to what I have. I keep feeling worst but Dr #2 says most of my stiffness and pain are not related to the GBS. Over the past few months I’ve seen an Internal medicine Dr a Rheumatoligist and Pulmontoligist plus my primary Dr who all say they can’t find anything. Anyway this is the place for ranting if you feel a need to. Someone will take away information out of the ranting so it’s a good thing. Take care.