IVIg after affects

March 20, 2007 at 3:24 am

For the IVIg discussion on side affects after treatment…. The different types of IVIg do make a difference on the amount of side effect and in particular how it is administered. My partner Dave who has CIDP was getting to the point that he had such bad migraines he was just given demoral right off the bat to help fight the headaches. He started getting treatments in Alberta at the UofA hospital and we have now found out that they were throwing the IVIg fluid through at an insanely quick rate. If you are having problems with side effects discuss your issues with your health care worker and consider asking them to slow it down! Dave preferred getting done quickly but after a couple of nasty migraines lasting weeks after treatment he realized it was easier to slow down for the time of treatment and burn a day and have less affects. We’ve also been told that having Dextrose (otherwise known as D-5) put in simultaneously at the same time as the IVIg helps as well. Drinking lots of water before treatment has been stressed as beneficial as well. The biggest thing though is tell the doctor your having these reactions and discuss slowing the rate down or other options, as well as your getting ready for your IVIg discuss with the nurse who is taking care of you about the side effects – in reality it has been the nurses that have given us the most information.

Rhonda and Dawn…. I have been on the journey of helping my boyfriend deal with CIDP for the last 4 years and believe me it is a long journey but if you have questions or need someone to talk too you can email me at [email]rhodahan@telus.net[/email].