IVIg — Absolutely You Control The Rate

June 4, 2007 at 12:39 am

I don’t go above 180, as it makes my heart jump out of my chest, and the headache is massive. I do 32grams each day for 2 days, 4 weekly.

A nap afterwards as Kel suggested works forme as well, by the time I wake up most of the symptoms are gone. I find the first day is the worst.

I drink alot anyway, but even so the infusion nurses call the cancer nurses to try and get a line for me, we do it by feel (i.e. we know there’s one in here!)

Definitely you should be the one who controls the rate. Each new bottle should be started slowly as well, even if they come from the same batch – you never know.

I know people who just want to get it in as fast as possible and go…but I would rather err on the safe side, to reduce the impact of all that viscous fluid on your system.