IVIG. A decision between Dr; Patient; & Caregiver.

July 27, 2010 at 5:48 pm

Well, every case is different.

One set of Neuros stopped my monthly IVIG as ‘ineffective.’ However, I and my wife (caregiver) provided clear, yet subjective (means no proof) evidence that I was better. Caution, I don’t have much pain anymore, never did have. Lots of muscle atrophy though.

Mayo Clinic Rochester said “previous treatment may have not been aggressive enough” or words to that effect.

So, how often is a matter for the treating physician, hopefully an expert, to decide.

It’s true by definition. Why are you upset? Residual??? CIDP is the chronic version of GBS. Doesn’t mean you had GBS first. But, maybe some people do.

If your husband has CIDP and he’s “tired” of being stuck, then he needs to wake up. Or, just get worse.

Good luck to you. You know his condition better than he does. He’s a guy. Sorry guys. Guys know nothing! No offense to those few of who who do know something. The ladies know what I mean.

seems to me the same Mayo clinic said results could take one year…..