Its so hard I know

October 17, 2007 at 2:20 pm

My mother was in the same situation 3.5 years ago.. She was recently on the front page of the newspaper and I included it in the forums.
It was a long tough road for her. Even to this day I know that when I look in her eyes that she has been somewhere that many of us will never understand..
She spent 4 months on a vent and 22 months away from home.. With the help of my WONDERFUL Dad, family and friends she is home. She still uses the wheelchair and her hands are very weak but she is home enjoying life to the fullest with her family.
Is your Dad on any antidepressants? I know my Mom was on a few.. I believe Zoloft is a good one.. Also have him set a goal. Is there a place he wants to see or maybe an item he would love to buy? THis could certainly encourage him.. If I was closer ( I am in Massachusetts) i would bring my Mom by and we could give you all a hug..
My thoughts are with you..
Amy Maki