Its 2 a.m.. can’t sleep tonite…. pulse steroids eek!

December 23, 2008 at 2:50 am


Maybe these things are happening right now for a reason…. From what I gather your immune systems been under attack, and sounds like you have been stressed out to the max..
My kids had strep last year, and they didn’t bother to wait for the culture on me, they treated me straight off with antibiotics.. I was kinda scared what my immune system would do, but I got thru it.
It sucks to be sick around holidays.. But have you ever noticed that there is always at least one sibling, child, relative, friend, that has some sort of illness at holidays.. Why? Cause we are in close contact with a ton of germs right now… So don’t feel alone, and I know you will come out fine within a few days…
Perhaps, in the bible, you will find your answers… Particularily, why Jesus died on the cross for us….. Life is short, and we only have one chance…. I’m starting to be an old baby boomer, and am starting to realize how true it is….
I think your troops are gonna rally round you now.. Let them…. Take it easy and enjoy what you can… Take this time, to remember your loved ones, and enjoy what you have, while they are still there…
Merry Christmas, from Dean at the North Pole, or a close substitute….:)