It will take some time

July 10, 2010 at 8:43 am

Hi-if you have the same recovery as I had you will be well on your way after a couple of months at home. It was february (’05) when I got home (after 4 weeeks only) and by May I was able to unload and move heavy bundles of hardboard siding by hand from point a to point b. Hard work was fatiguing but got less so as time went on. Even now afer a hard push at something I stagger a bit like I had too much! But what was really worrisome was –would I be able to have the same coordination as before? Yes it all came back. The big fear was having to relearn, but not so. Also after a couple of years , even the knee-jerk reflex returned. But I admit, I am one of the (many) lucky ones.
You will likely have residuals (tingles and numbness) for some time and they seem to wane as time passes. You may even get the odd scare as has happened to me where you think you’re ‘going down’ again but it abates for whatever reason.
best of luck…Ray