April 27, 2011 at 9:41 pm

And, for a long term? Depends are NOT an answer! [Over 6 months]
I knew my own situation was damage from surgeries? So, I waited and healed.
Others are not so lucky. Have no docs suggested the Kegel exercises or the like? Why soo quick to surge and/or medicate? Ask/demand the less intrusive alternative? And then get into a discussion as to WHY NOT?
As for the issue of every 2 hours? That’s what I meant about what goes in and then out…and the ‘timing’!
This ‘timing’? Doesn’t lead to anything such as infections, but is simply a matter of intake and outgo at ‘convenient times’ for you!
Just say no tho? When a doc asks for a urine sample? Not there to give, so’s I could come see you! DUH?
Frustrated yes! Embarassed? Not really-Why? Because it can come with the ‘territory’. Accept it as that? The Territory? Then, find out options as to what to DO about it. If you don’t try? Misery and frustration could be your continual problem. Better to try and ‘fix’ it now and get it off your list of problems! One less issue to deal with? IS truly! One less… Hope and good things!