It takes a while…

February 25, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Hi Lost Wife:

It is strange when you are on the toilet, and can’t feel the seat!

I didn’t catch how long ago your husband had/has gbs…. Once the healing begins the numbness should go away (In many areas of your body, although some weakness/numbness may never go away?), although it will be gradual.. Also, the healing occurs in reverse order of how the damage occured I think… I had severe constipation, and all that good stuff as well.. Stool softeners helped… I think I had weekness/numbness for a few months.. This included the sexual type stuff took some weeks but things start working again….

JessicaH.. I had the numb tongue as well, and doctors same thing would not believe… Things tasted metal like…

Good luck on recovery…. Deanop