It’s way not time yet to think of cancer! No way!

November 2, 2010 at 7:58 pm

First off go to here:
URL and just read the definition!
Do you also have hyper or hypo thyroid problems? The hypo thyroid sort of ‘helped’ this problem for me. along to the point where edema is now chronic.
I’ve found that compression stockings etc, are very uncomfortable…as they don’t gradually ease up from either end of compression…thus leaving BIG dents in your edema. W/the neuropathy? This either hurts or drives me buggy for no apparent reason. Finding socks and footwear that don’t bind seems to be a great ‘quest’ for many, and for a heap of folks with just ‘PN’ as well.
What works best for me has been a regular massage that presses the stuck liquids upwards in long slow strokes. Should you be lucky to find a physical therapist who can actually DO this well? It FEELS SOO GOOD!…but, you’ll have to watch, learn, and ask questions so you can do it on your own. As PT doesn’t go on forever!
I’d gotten edema from thyroid issues when my feet and ankles had swollen to 3 times my shoe size. It’s understated to say that my toes got VERY ugly. It took about a month for the swelling to go down, but now I must wear shoes a size larger than normal to accomodate the swelling that can occur.
My lymph system is damaged as a result? Sort of like my nerves, since the two are supposed to act then interact with each other, and now don’t do it well at all!
IF you can do water aerobics or lite water exercises? The water pressure helps at times. I just can’t tolerate the outside of the pool world as I’m very cold intolerant…my toes and whole feet will turn a deliteful shade of almost true blue. So, I just do massage occasionally.
Hope this helps. Good luck too!!!