It’s Lauren

January 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Hey all. Thank you for your help through this journey. My husband was and is amazing in the way he handled the hospital stay and the continuing recovery. I am pretty much back to the same old routine. I am working in the afternoons again and home with the kids in the morning. I have even started my own bussiness making bows and other crafts. I still tire quickly and have muscle tightness and headaches; but if that is all i have to deal with and i can be home and enjoy life with my kids I will take it! God has been so good to us. He has shown us just how fragile life is and that we need to be present in every moment because it will all be over so soon. I wanted to attatch pictures but its not working for me. Find me on facebook though and see a true testament to God’s healing power!