It’s frustrating to get diagnosed

July 7, 2008 at 9:26 pm

It gets harder depending on insurance company standards and a whole lot of other things….
Here is a reference I found a while ago and I hope I post this right so I don’t violate any protocols – This is to me an important site as it includes two different standards used internationally to Diagnose CIDP. I hope I do this right and that it helps!
It is, I’ve found, a site worth exploring completely and thoroughly. There is a LOT of info packed into it. But, most important are the steps now used to diagnose CIDP.
I have to ask about the demeyelination ‘plaque’? No one has questioned this? Also, I have to ask if you ever have had traumatic brain injury at ANY time in your life…that’s how these things show up…. As long as those ‘spots’ don’t change, you should be OK in that quarter? I’ve a couple deliteful ‘spots’ that docs go WHAT? at until I tell them how I got them…then they just go OH… So, did you fall out of a tree as a kid? or get in a car accident? That kind of thing…The docs get worried about this stuff until you can explain.
Maybe you didn’t go thru back surgery for naught? But Like others, I sure would ask this doc about WHY WAIT? And ask for a clear concise reason….If it were me? I wouldn’t wait one bit. I sure hope this helps.