It’s a tough decision

January 29, 2011 at 9:08 pm

You are welcome. Let me sum up for you what the neuromuscular specialist at Mayo Clinic Rochester told me last week regarding a flu shot.

He said something along these lines- “if you get the flu, without having the relevant flu shot for that strain, you will be worse off than if you get the flu shot. (talking in terms of a reaction to either) So, evaluate your own situation. Are you likely to be exposed to the flu? Have you had the Flu a lot in the past? Now, you can make your own decision.”

Now, I know you asked about Tetanus. My family doctor told me three days ago- “if you cut yourself on a rusty nail, come in I’ll give you a tetanus shot. Otherwise, don’t get one.” Don’t base your decision on my situation. To be clear I have CIDP, not GBS, nor do I suspect a flu shot as the cause. But, it could be, couldn’t it?

Now substitute tetanus, or flu for DPT Booster (of any kind) and YOU will ultimately have to make your own decision based on your analysis of the risk to you and the baby from exposure to each other. It’s unlikely any Physician will unequivocally tell you yes or no and why. Good luck.