It is looking like I might have to go to the conference alone.

June 16, 2006 at 2:48 pm

My friend has taken off and I haven’t heard from him for about a week. As he has no phone number I have no idea whats up. I am probably going to have to take the Greyhound that is a two and a half day trip plus come up with the rest. I called my mom and she won’t help out right now as she doesn’t think I could do this trip on my own. I plan to show her wrong. She said she will moniter my progress and that I need to be able to handle my own luggage and to handle the trip physically. I guess I can understand her point but I really want to go so I will do what I have to to get there. It will cost approximatly 400 dollars for the greyhoung alone and then there is accomadations and the cost of the conference and food. This of course is in US dollars which means a tad more money. I know I can save at least 600 dollars canadian. If I get my mom to help I should be able to handle it.

I am trying to improve on my skills in physio and that is very difficult and this is one thing I know I need to work on to get up to the point to be able to manage the trip and I am putting full effort in. I hope there is some discount rates, if any one has any ideas on cost saving ideas and things I can do when I get there like transportation to the site and so forth please let me know. I could use all the help I could.