It is like a ZEN koan – hard to figure out

December 26, 2006 at 8:21 pm

You are looking for sense in a disorder that is a “syndrome” which means that doctors are not sure how to prove what it is….no germ that they can label as causing it. I am still trying to make sense why I got it TWICE…20 years apart. Mine was from stress….no flu shots, no flu, etc.
There is a book by Joseph Heller called NO LAUGHING MATTER who wrote about his experience with GBS.
I am in my third month of waiting for my body to regenerate the myelin sheath. RIght now I still cannot walk and do not have a family to be there for me. I think that makes a BIG difference. I also wonder if it won’t scar me emotionally. Many of my friends dropped out of site when they knew I was alone at home. I wonder what the lesson is that I am to learn from this.
Your brother is lucky to have a brother like you. Mine hasn’t helped one bit. Just keep what you are doing and be there for him.