It IS Ironic that IVIG has been used since the mid 50’s

December 22, 2010 at 9:18 pm

For many immune issues [off label]. Most of the bigger insurance companies have policies for administering IVIG providing one meets certain criteria…And they have done so for the last 20 years. It has only been recently that IG products have been ‘approved’ for CIDP thru clinical trials! Why not before? Because they simply didn’t have to!
Do keep in mind that insurance companies DO keep their eye on that ‘bottom line’ and we are not on it! While with acceptable practices it is acceptable? That Medicare/Medicaid bugaboo raised it’s head with/for/against us as we get/got older. While Gammunex is FDA approved? It IS a specialty med and your co-pays will likely take your breath away. Sub Cutaneous IG products are that One is now approve FDA-wise and another brand is closing trials. Likely rich as well.
Problem is, this all was going on as the health care ‘debates’ were going on, so where, when and how they fit in is – up in the air? That is where you contacting your US reps and senators to give them [especially if YOU MEET THEM] A first-hand look at a PERSON, not a statistic. Good thing about this? They’re gonna be on ‘break’ for the holidays -Call and make an appt to see your rep. and sen. in person and show them what it means to get this treatment! They don’t have a clue…unless they can see THE FACE of one with this sort of problem.
IVIG is a BLOOD PRODUCT, thus subject to many, many more regulations and conditions than other treatments! Ask your congress and senators to connect you to FDA staff who mite help you work things out w/the insurance companies [they have surprising ‘indirect clout’ once you learn what you need to know!] The regulations are, historically WITH cause. So, that’s cool with me. Don’t know about others?
Dawn? The FDA IS paid a fee to assess these blood products, yes. But what it costs is more to us taxpayers, I’m willing to pay THAT, how about you all?
Lori? It is up to the PRESCRIBING PHYSICIAN as to which IG to use. Ever been in the waiting room? W/all the pharma reps. coming and going? What about those ‘conferences’ the neuros go on? What perks do they pick up where? And write off golf as a ‘business expense’? Only in America. Nuff said.