It helps alot!

April 22, 2009 at 7:02 am

But you can’t take Ativan and Zanax together. Only one or the other. I liked the Zanax better but it can be an addicting drug. The doctor’s now are trying the other drugs like Clonazepram and Ativan because the effects are not as bad as Zanax. I take the Clonazapram too! That helps also. And the Gabapentin too helps with that numbness and tingling crap! That is what I call it! Hate that numbness and tingling stuff. They tried to say Anxiety on my shaking too! I keep telling them though it’s like a Parkinsons type of tremor. A constant area on one side that the nerves are so weak that they tremor and it drives me nuts. I am left handed too and that is where I shake alot. When I take the Zanax and rest a few days not doing nothing it seems to improve some. It comes and goes! But the rest is what helps it. My nervous system when it gets attacked causes me all kinds of problems. The bowels go nuts, vommiting comes and I get a nervous exicitable feeling in my body. Almost like Anxiety but I know it’s not Anxiety. It’s the nerves becoming overactive causing my body to go completely haywire. I know the difference between my anxiety attacks and the nervous system going haywire. And this is surely not anxiety. Its a motor nerve that has gone haywire not working properly. It will eventually heal up some but never really completely goes away. Steroids help too but I don’t know if they treat you with that. Might pay to ask! I will keep you in my prayers and hope things improve for you! Sometimes when they know what you have it become then a trial and error of finding the right meds that will work for you or ease that nasty feeling. Sad thing is that we sometimes don’t always get cured but have some meds that make our lives a bit easier to handle! Good luch my friend! I hope that now they know what is going on with you that you start to improve as the days go by! Some people with Charcott Marie Tooth depending on which trait they have end up coming to a stopping point after so many years. The damage you have might already be stopped or still active. When it stops you might just see an end to the damage being done. But it is still there and what damage that got done really does not improve completely. I know a few that have mild cases and a few that are not so mild. But it’s a pain the the A having. Any nerve damage disease is a pain. I hope that they get you on the right track and get you feeling better! Big hugs coming your way!
Linda H