It has been one year!

November 5, 2006 at 10:07 pm

I smoked up to the day I went in the hospital. Come out 9 weeks later and never wanted a cigarette. I really had problems with my breathing and am glad I did not have to quit smoking by thinking about it. My body does still not allow it. I go into a resturant and I can smell the smoke and I cough. It is like a dry cough or tickle I get from the irritating smoke. Even smelling someones breath as they get into the car I start to cough. I never thought I would say I will enjoy going out in public when there is NO SMOKING in every public place, expect Casino’s and Bars that do less than 10% of they business from serving foods.

Also I lost my taste buds when I had GBS but I also started with loosing my sense of smell which is required to taste anything. Salt come back first as I remember because I never put salt on my foods it was apparent that some of the foods did have salt. Sweet come back even sweeter. I am not a chocolate person but fruits become sweet to me. Taste come back stronger from not smoking. What a joy to taste correctly!

After going thru this have you noticed how we notice every little joy in life? Even a blink becomes important and a pleasure!

Wonder what I can expect during my second year since the onset of GBS?:)