It has been a sacrifice

August 29, 2008 at 12:30 am

Yes it has been a sacrifice. Many wifes, children and parents all sitting back waiting to hear from their loved ones. My son is going on 6 years in the Navy. And out of those 6 years, I have only seen 1 Christmas with him. No Thanks-givings just yet. I alway’s send him money for Christmas and Thanks-giving. That way if he can, he gets to enjoy some time doing something. Not too much to do on a Sub though.
He say’s the guys that get their breaks, end up reading alot and playing cards. Some have those hand held video games and they all trade games with each other. The first time he went out on a sub, he knew nothing and told me he almost went nuts not having anything to do on his free time. So I always mail him Science Fiction and Fantasy books. Batteries for his games and a new deck of cards! Plus I send him a bunch of candies and treats.
I could never do what he does! Not seeing above water for 6 months. It would drive me crazy. They had a whale one time plow into them. Huge whale at that! Rocked the sub! That would have been scary! But he did not see the whale. No windows to see out of! His commander said it was a whale. Might not have been one and could have been something else they hit! And the commander told them whale to keep them from going into panic.
By what I have been told! Most Navy personel don’t want Submarine jobs because of the not seeing anything. Being out to sea under water. No contact with family members much at all! They do get emails though and we are allowed to send emails. But most of the time they get them later on when they have come up out of the water. He sends me pictures alot!
But it’s not like having them home! He likes his job though and told me he wanted to retire in the Navy! So I guess I have to except his wishes. I am happy for him is he is happy! That is what is important. As long as he is happy! Then I am happy for him.