It does get better……

November 18, 2006 at 12:20 am

😮 Hi pg,

Yes for most it does get better but we also learn to adapt to our disease. GBS means getting better slowly and this is hard to accept. We live in a fast pace world. If you are like me I was a go go go person and very much in control of my life when GBS hit. It was an awakening but it does get better but for most not back to the life we had before. You have a lot of support here.


It does get better…

May 18, 2006 at 10:44 pm

Just a year since you had GBS/CIDP, well I think you are doing very well. I came down with GBS/CIDP in March of 2002 & was told I would never walk again or get any use of my hands back. The doctors always talk about the 2 year window of healing, but we here all know that is a bunch of bull. I had a very severe case of CIDP & saw most of my improvements happen after the 26 month mark.

I sat in a power wheelchair with no use of my arms or legs for all that time, then felt strong enough to try walking again the summer of 2004. I began with a walker for a few months, then two canes, now I use a cane when I go out, but not at home. I have almost all feeling back (once had none below the neck), & about 80% use of my hands. I just wrote out all of the grad announcements for a relative, & spent two hours sewing yesterday. I attend water aerobics twice a week for an hour in a regular class at the YMCA here. I drive there by myself, after having a 3 year medical revocation. I did have to retest, but that is all part of getting our lives back.

I have so much more feeling back in my feet than I did even just a year ago, the last part of my body to have numbness. As others have said, I can’t stress enough the importance of patience in this illness. Also the importance of rest. Fatigue continues to be my biggest enemy, but I cann rejuvenate if I get even a one hour power nap. Now if I could just stay home one day & listen to my own advice. I guess I am just too busy trying to play catch-up for the time I lost. BTW I am 52, so not all that young anymore.