It All Went So Well!

December 29, 2008 at 2:14 pm

Hi all,
Thanks and best wishes to those who responded to me.
Well, it went very well. It will go down as a most memorable Christmas, as because of starting so early to prepare, I was able to completely enjoy all the festivities.
I think I kind of over-did it on Christmas eve, as I got up my normal time of
3am, and was still up at 10pm as that was when the guests were leaving.
I was very weak on Christmas Day, though made it to about 730pm, right before the last course of the huge Italian feast, the dessert course. But, I was able to enjoy the company of the invited guests–they all understood my early departure to bed. The gift opening was absolutely crazy, with wrapping paper and boxes everywhere. And the food was EXCELLENT. Seafood Christmas Eve, and the Sicilian feast on Christmas Day….yummmmmm.
Yesterday, we started freezing the leftovers–there is a TON of food left.
I have been very weak since Christmas Eve–on 26DEC, I spent almost the whole day confined to my bed, and same for the two days following.
Today is the first day I’m feeling a bit normal.
But it was all worth it. I love this time of year. I totally enjoyed it, and, hopefully, I will still have another Christmas again.
I hope all of you had a GREAT holiday, and was able to enjoy everything.
Happy New Year to all, with much good luck, GOOD HEALTH, lots of love,
and happiness in 2009!