It all depends?

March 31, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Your recall of When which problems started to happen are key to diagnosis. And as many here will agree, getting a diagnosis is far harder than it should be?
When you were tested for diabetes, did you do the 3, 5 or 7 hour test?
Those who have pre-diabetes will show up in the longer tests.
Also get copies of all your test results, if you can?, and go look up what they might ‘mean’ on the web. Not necessarily do they point in any clear directions? But such things as a full metabolic panel showing deficiencies in say, Vite B12 could be useful and an aspect you can help yourself with. Other blood tests? I always ask for and get a copy of the results. But I also get a copy of what tests were ordered! I’ve often found that not always are all the rite tests done. And, knowing the tests, I can look ’em up and see what the docs mite be looking for and understand what they see!
I once teased a doc about test results? Asking, DO you pay attention ONLY to the ASTERISKS? [*] on the test results? Or do you look at the ‘near problem’ #’s… Got him to thinking, as it should be.
Next? I must ask, what sort of spinal tests have you had? Yes, it could be one or the other? Or could be both? Depends on those slew of pesky test results. Even then Count your blessings? It’s not travelling FAST [as was my case-scary as heck to boot?] so you have time to keep on doing the testing merry-go-round. It takes that ride to get any answer IF there is an answer to be found. Please keep us all updated, as most of us have been thru this. But promise me? Don’t put off any more tests? Get answers or sort-of answers, WHY? because you’ll be mad sad and angry later if you don’t and things go worse. YOU know your body and what it is telling you…don’t ignore it’s signals. And, don’t take no from docs! That is what second opinions are for! Keep faith in yourself and hope.