March 8, 2008 at 5:09 pm

Hi and thanks for asking. I have a herniated disk at L 5, a start of one at L 4and two hemagioamonas at L 2 & 3.
Md says the herniated disk could be the cause of my low back to both knee pain, but that we are not going to surgery at this time so i need to learn to live with the pain/discomfort. That surgery would increase my CIDP symptoms and it is not worth the risk unless it is emergent surgery.
My CIDP has not stablized at all in the last four months. Will have the fifth tx
of IVIG this week and again in April. If no change then, he will start Plasmsphresis in April.
So, i’m learning to sleep in a different position and use pillows.
How are you