Interesting note from the Symposium regarding flu shots…..

November 10, 2008 at 10:09 am

I recall One Doctor stating something (Please correct me if I state this wrong) that the chances of developing symptoms of GBS/CIDP from the actual FLU or ANYTHING ELSE that you are immunizing against are much, much higher than the vaccine itself.

His comments reflected that if you contracted GBS/CIDP from an immunization than you should wait at least a year post recovery. That nerve damage is not 1+1=2….more like 1+1=3. Meaning if you further damage your nerve endings before they are healed, than the further damage is worse.

He further went on to state something about there has been no statistical evidence of an outbreak of GBS/CIDP other than the 1970’s swine flu vaccine.

I’ll encourage all others to correct me on this, as it is something that I have wrassled with for a while.

This same doctor also stated that some of his own patients told him to, “Blow it out his ear” when he told them about the vaccine…….:eek:


P.S. I talked to another presenter, after the Ask the Experts forum and he had GBS before, he stated that he would be getting the flu vaccine as the protection from the vaccine outweighed the harmful effects of the flu.

Take care and be safe. It was great to see everybody. Sorry, I couldn’t meet more.

Edited to remove the names of doctors – 10:15 A.M.