intercostal muscles

January 3, 2010 at 1:45 am

SO I go to the ER because my breathing problem is becoming irritating. I am not paniced because I am getting enough O2 and I am able to pull in air. once again it is forced air that is the problem. My blood oxygen was 100%, my PH was better than the respiratory therapist. they did a normal X ray and the technician told me I need ask the doctor for an inspiration/expiration xray so I did and my diaphram was normal. On an asthma expiration meter I should be able to blow out 490 but was only able to blow 350. I told the doctor my symptoms including the fact that I was also experiencing horrible flank pain and that the neuro at scripps was looking at many things one of which was MG. We dicussed the possibility of an MG crisis but then ultimately because of my unremarkable results was sent home with the asthma expiration meter and he told me if it gets below 300, to come in.

I went home to my computer because I know the doctors are missing something. this is not imaginary. I looked up muscles that control breathing and found that diaphrams are mostly what help us pull air in. air going out is automaticaly caused by the elasticity in our lungs snaping back. volintarily pushing air out of our lungs is a function of the intercostal muscles. they are attached to ones ribs and possibly, if one were to have flank pain located in the place I have it, might be due to my intercostal muscles getting there @$& kicked. Right now I am chilling with the asthma meter, taking daily chart if the line starts to go down, then I know things are going wrong. It seems to be pretty steady right now.

I dont know how one would even test those muscles. I do suggest that if you are experiencing the same as I am and getting normal tests to at least keep a asthma meter to blow into and chart to see if things are escalating.