Instead of a pharmaceutcal, I thought I’d get better…..

June 4, 2010 at 3:29 pm

I think we Naively trust that the pharmaceuticals are made specifically for a condition…but if you listen to the commercials, I often hear, we THINK it does such and such. And most of the money is not put into research… finds a drug that works and the rest copycat it……if you research it, it will change your way of thinking and trusting… is a shame that we have to do the research…..Doctors should be doing the research on these drug companies..but I have only found 3 doctors that do this….two in Florida and one in PA… is dead, one is retired, and the other is quite old. But they knew the TRUTH……and I was lucky to have found them. If I were looking for a doctor, I would check out the ones in Suzanne Somers’ books…..she wrote about one of the three that I went to…Dr. Shippen…..who I think is retired.
Now I am questioning the new Vaccines…..and not buying into the scare tactics… is a shame that our government is paid off by the big Pharmas…I am thankful that I did not give up my supplements during both bouts of GBS……my 40 years of reading paid off… I give thanks to the IDIOT doctors that have crossed my path…like the expensive dermatologist that wrote me a prescripion for FLEA POWDER when I actually had shingles…which I got rid of in two days with my vitamins…..he could not answer how the fleas were smart enough to know where to come back to each day and follow the pattern (the nerve endings that the virus follows) …..He said, “Hey,you came to me……and that is my diagnosis…”