injecting B’s

September 16, 2007 at 10:22 pm

The first time I had GBS back in 86 my doctor gave me a prescription for B12 and I injected it every other day in my thigh. Perhaps you can find a doctor to do this for you. I could not see a difference but maybe that is why. My doctor was from Shillington and Suzanne Sommers writes about him in one of her books. She even talked about him on HSN. When I called, I could not make an appt. SHe said he wa not taking any new patients – even though I was not a new patient and it was the same problem – GBS for the second time. I think the AMA got to him and he no longer does much complimentary medicine. His patients rarely needed to go to the hospital.He told me if my GBS got worse, he would put me in the hospital and give me ascorbic acid drips and adrenal extract drips. The second time when the GBS was really bad and I needed him, I could not get the nurse to tell him.