Infusion Rate

April 27, 2011 at 10:07 am

When I first started receiving IVIG I would commence with a rate of 1g per hour, working up to a maximum of 10g per hour. I received a total of 40g. Now, I receive a total of 80g; we start at 10g per hour and work up to 40g. I receive the entire 80g in about 3 1/2 hours. I’ll admit, it does seem a bit fast.

Infusion Rate

February 3, 2009 at 7:24 pm


Everyone is different. You hear of all different rates for different folks. they would probably go faster, but headaches are the issue. at least the first time.
We went at a rate of 25 for 15min, then 50, then 75 then 100 for the rest. til we sucked it all down it took forever. She drained all the bottles into an IV bag and got every drop out. didn’t waste a spec. script was 85gr a day but I bet I got like 90.

I think I ran a good 45 minutes past the pump setting of 850. so either I got extra or the pump is inaccurate. either way, I want every drop. Done Fri nite.

Dawn, I defineately am prone to headache after its done. I drink and drink, take lots of benadryl etc. then when I start coming off the pre and post meds here it comes. Like Sunday we sat down for the Superbowl with friends.
I drank one beer and LOOK OUT. wound up switching back to water, took an IBU and tylenol w/cod and it went away and never came back. the stuff in there and it probably takes a few days for the viscosity to mellow out or something. What is Kevins max 75? for it to take that time.

Both times I infused, about 4 days after, i get the achey chill/sensitivity all over. Very similar to the random sensations I would feel pre remission.
I believe that is a heal sign. Most may call it flu like symptom or I don’t know really. I call it a body chilll The first time was worse than my second. Still making ongoing improvements. I am very happy. thanks guys and gals.–tim–