July 5, 2008 at 4:02 am

Welcome to the forum in person! I want most to say life does get better. Second, I would like to say that take advantage of assistance to help get stronger and to gain back a little independence so that you feel that YOU can help in the fight. Since there are strength and balance issues, try using a walker (or even sturdy cane). It will help a lot–especially stability. I have a walker with a seat (rollator) that I got on the internet. It is great to let me sit down when tired and also to carry things from one place to another when I need to do so. Are you getting physical therapy? Try to do so if you can but realize that people with GBS/CIDP have to do PT a little differently in order not to overdo. Another suggestion about the bladder–don’t let that rule your life. Talk to your doctor. There are medicines that may help and there are products to help (Depends being one).

It has seemed to help me a lot to drink a lot especially juice and GatorAde like drinks. Some people are more sensitive to caffeine after GBS.

I join with others that if emotions need some pharmacologic help to focus toward gettting better, that this can often be a huge benefit. Healing has to happen in body, mind, and spirit–all three.

WithHope for a cure of these diseases
GBS 3/07