In our head?

June 26, 2007 at 10:53 am

To All,
I keep seeing a common ground statement from damn near everyone here including myself. As a matter of education every GP and specialist MUST have a certain amount of psychology in their backgrounds. While the amount of education varies as does any students decision about what they want to be when they grow up, they ALL have some. As an uneducated Electrician I can tell you this, we’re “broke” and folks, it ain’t in our heads. The simpliest circuit in the world will NOT work if the wire has no insulation. Have you ever followed a trailer down the road and seen the lights flicker off/on when it hits a bump? Well, the next time you do remember this, it’s all in your head and if you REALLY want those lights to stop, they will (yes, electrician’s take a course in sarcasm). CIDP/GBS is an neurological disease, disorder, malady, illness. Whatever title you associate with it does not change the fact that, WE’RE SICK and we didn’t invent these symptoms. The average person (especially me) wouldn’t be capable of inventing this degree of “brokeness”. Chest pain, headaches, body aches, that’s the stuff a person makes up.

The Drs. I’ve seen have done a pretty good job. I went through four of them to get a diagnosis but in the long run, it seems correct. Once again, I urge you all to keep track of the Docs you good folks see and get copies of your records. If you don’t have a day planner, get one. Write down little notes daily, how you feel, meds you take, pain levels before and after your meds. This record is for your doctors, SSDI examiners and you. The next time you have to educate a specialist, this record will be your “proof” they seem to love so much…Dughy