In my own case, the insult to the nerves wasn’t Immune…

November 6, 2010 at 7:48 pm

It was due to a multi-hour surgery for an injury that took a very long while to heal – last year.

I’d agressively sought out a PN diagnosis long before that as my own initial PN was progressing up my torso…and we all know those fears! Luckily it was just the ‘skin’ and nothing more, PN-wise, but that FEAR is ever present.
For some, just BEING in one place can cause pressures on nerves w/bad results.
However, many who have GBS/CIDP often have ‘autonomic’ issues as well, and these are downright worthy of respect and fear. Kicker is, one never knows IF or WHERE the auto issues mite hit.
Tho we all try to live in hope? There must be a respect of the ‘what can happens’ and maintain a sensitivity about when the ‘red alerts’ go off.
I’d have a LOONG SIT DOWN with your docs about this issue! I’d also web up the ‘full prescribing information’ of all meds you are on…why? Because either one or more aren’t ‘helping’ in this quarter [side effects] or a drug or two are working against each other… docs do NOT KNOW all of this? It’s up to YOU to be the ‘researcher’, bring something valid and VERY LEGIT in print to the doc and ask outright: WHAT GIVES? Be nice about it, but be assertive enuf to show a heap of ‘concern and confusion’..AFTER ALL? HE/SHE’s got access to all the really good medical sites…make them work for YOU! AND FOLLOW UP! I know I hated being in the ‘garments’? I can’t think of anyone who loves it, per-se? [Other than it’s better than nothing?]
We are adults and should be treated with respect regarding these issues…we’ve got brains just not so much brawn of late…
Keep faith in yourself that this CAN heal and sooner rather than later! Let us know… what your docs say? I’ll bet we can all laugh about THAT! Good things…till later