In answer to your question

July 7, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Hi, Chrissy,
I just congratulated you on the other forum. Synchronicity. I have stayed away from the GBS forum, because I was tired of naysayers. Those that say that stress does not affect GBS. In the middle school science book I taught from it showed that stress causes Latent (sleeping) viruses to multiply. So these people get on this site and pontificate that is not true. It’s in the 7th grade science books! sheesh And what fights viruses? Our body’s white blood cells – and they need a certain amount of vitamin C to stay healthy and fight off the infections. So I have given up.
Since you asked, I have found that Iridology (iris) and sclerology (whites) do work. When I was in perimenopause, my liver was going crazy trying to deal with the hormonal fluctuations. The colored part of my right iris (around 12 o’clock) had major yellow coloring in it. Now that that is over and I have been taking supplements to support my liver, the yellow is gone. There was an actress – Lindsay Wagner? The one who does commercials for a bed or mattress – she did a tape on how moles on your face tell you what is wrong with your body. I had one on my left side between my upper lip and my nose which is the area of the liver. Going through perimenopause, I got an identical one on the other side. Now that my liver is better, the one on my right side is totally gone and the one on the left is half way gone and gradually disappearing.
Just like our feet and hands tell us what part of our body needs help, so do the eyes. I hope this helps. I hate writing more because it opens me up to criticism. If you want to know more, send me a private message. To me there is nothing worse than those who have never researched or tried something putting it down. You have always been open-minded and I thank you.