Improving everyday!!

September 29, 2010 at 11:53 pm

Hi you all!!!
I hope everybody is doing well.
The latest news about Miguel. He is at home now for about 1 month. He goes to therapy to the hospital twice a week and he gets also therapy at home another 2 days. He is walking with the aid of a walker all over the house. He goes downstairs and upstairs with the help of someone else but he is actually getting stronger. He is so happy! It is talking time but I think he is doing great. We have to remember that he was in the hospital for 5 months and paralyzed completely for 3. I am telling him to get into the forums but I guess he is busy with all his therapies and he end up being exhausted. I want him to get connected with you guys so he can ask questions and share his concerns. I am sure that he will feel better and he will get in touch with you all.
Best regards!