February 3, 2011 at 12:46 pm

There is at least one clinical trial to evaluate folic Acid for these conditions.

Regarding Methotrexate, formerly amethopterin, I found this on a web search:

“Intracellular (initiation) Antimetabolites

purine synthesis inhibitor: Azathioprine • Mycophenolic acid

pyrimidine synthesis inhibitor: Leflunomide • Teriflunomide

antifolate: Methotrexate”

As you noted, others on this site have indicated taking Methotrexate. As an Intracellular Antimetabolite, it is in the the same class as my med Azathiporine (Imuran).

As I understand my doctor’s plan, the idea is to use these meds to ‘knock down’ the immune system with the ultimate goal of improvement concurrent with weaning of IVIG.