May 8, 2011 at 8:01 pm

I have been on Cell Cept(immunesupp.) since late 1999. As far as we can tell
I have no side effects. I took IVIG every 2 weeks for months but my veins were not very good and I went on the Cellcept with the occassional IVIG.
I started on 2500 mg. until 2010 and I went down slowly until this March I was on 500 mg. To low and now I have upped them to 2000mg. to stop the
progression. I had heart stents last year and now am worrying about the IVIG
I probably need to get back to normal. They are now finding IVIG can cause
heart attacks and stroke in stent patients. I have been happy with the immunesup. but could I get cancer in the long run, I do not know. I chose to be able to be up walking and living life with the grandchildren. This disease gives us some tough choices.