Im the 45 yr. old that this paper is written about

April 3, 2011 at 10:22 pm

I havent visited this form for awhile and was a bit surprised to see this here. I have been treated with pred. and ivig sinice. From my understanding i’m doing much better than most. I would say it was most surly the result of that med. 3 times in the week after the second shot i went to the e.r. for pain like i never had before. The dr. that ordered it would not get me in. By the time i seen her the pain was gone however the pins and needles i thought would drive me crazy. She told me to continue that med. and i belive if i would have it would have killed me. I read in the aarp mag. about a year later it was known to kill over a thousand people in the last year. Some people it must be helping, but it was the biggest mistake i ever made. I was in a wheelchair before i was told what was wrong,at this point i can walk unassited for short bouts. My feet are like ice and that is were all my pain is. I had lost nerves from the elbows to finger tips and knees to toes. I dont know the other guy in the report i also have a copy of this i just know we dr. with the same group. Its good to see the word get out because i would not wish this on any one.If anyone has any ? that i may be able to help with please feel free to contact me. By the way all the other markers for the cause of this has been ruled out. thank you for the post,take care Starr