Im sorry but

July 15, 2007 at 9:14 am

Im glad to read this, I thought I was out of my mind last night, I started crying becouse I my thought was I never going to be the same again, now almost 9 months birthday of GBS I still walk on balloons, my feet are numb and tight, still gett numb up to hips when Im tierd, and I have to do my things in the morning the afternoon is out of power most of the time. I got tingles in my hands and get numb when I get tiierd up to my shoulder, I shake when im tierd both hands and feet. And hear me here Im complaining and Im just a junior in this all, I have lot and lot of months to recover and it is going to come someday, I think 🙂 Well I should not let this state of mind get to me, I have been hopful but this was one of these days, needed to get to the store and I did, but I found out I could not carrie as much as I wanted so I bought only what I desprite needed, well that is also a good thing I have more money in the buget *LOL*
sorry guy´s about this rambling just needed to relive of my heart.
ps I love you guy´s you are my family when it comes to GBS, nobody realy understand us and how we feel though our family and friends try