If you need ivig, here’s hoping it’ll do the trick…..

July 15, 2008 at 10:07 pm

[QUOTE=kithlyara]As can be guessed, I’m new here 🙂 After seven years, I’ve finally received a tentative diagnosis of CIDP. I am getting a lumbar puncture on Friday to confirm it. Because my doctor is fairly confident in his diagnosis, he has already ordered IVIg for me. It won’t be in until August, though.

I have so many questions about receiving IVIg as a treatment. How long does it usually take to receive it? Do you have to be hospitalized in order to receive it? How often is it administered? I know the answers are going to vary person to person. I’m just trying to figure out what to expect.

Am I correct in believing that IVIg doesn’t lower your immune system? I have three elementary school aged children. I worry about being involved in their school with a compromised immune system.[/QUOTE]

Hi Kithlyara:
I’ve been on somewhat of a regular schedule of ivig since 11/07.. One positive thing I can tell you is my immune system must’ve fought off every germ that came along.. I was only sick a little bit with a cold in Jan, otherwise fine, and I’ve got some schoolchildren of my own, that came home with the flu, strep throat, and colds…. Didn’t get any of it…. Sounds like your other questions are being answered… Good luck on your recovery…deanop
P>S> I’m sure you will do fine on ivig if you are prescribed it.. Not every one gets a headache or side effects… I haven’t had problems for quite a while now… knock on wood.. I quit pre medicating altogether.. Can’t say I recommend for everyone……….Say Dawn.. thanks for the info re: gammaguard sp.. on a different post.. I’m going to enroll….deanop