If that’s the only thing that seems to work, the GET IT.

May 1, 2009 at 3:19 pm

Hi Clare,
When I first get up every morning, between 3am and 4am, I first take
2 Vicodins for pain, 1 Tigan for nausea, (I am on chemo), and 1 Mestinon, (a drug usually used for Mythenia Gravis, however, my neuro read in one of his journals that Mestinon can also help when CIDP hits your autonomic system, which it did in me). I AM DETERMINED TO HAVE A NICE DAY.
I may not use another Vicodin until the next morning. However, if I do get some pain, then I WILL take some more Vicodin. So what? And my doctor feels the same way, since I have had CIDP for so long, and am on a slow, steady decline.
I don’t think I am addicted–I don’t crave the drug. Some mornings, in a “brain fog”, I have forgotten the Vicodin…
Even if I was addicted to it–the feeling is “so what?”. I will probably be taking the Vicodin, if not something stronger, to the end.
Ask your doctor if you can try Marinol, to see if it works for you. My doc ordered it for me for nausea and loss of appetite, but my neighbor swears by it for his severe back pain. Like I said, it makes you “forget” you have pain.
And it is not a narcotic. Ask him that you’d like to try it, since he doesn’t want to order you drugs that you told him worked for you–the Vicodin or Perc.