IF all of us and the medicos could

September 16, 2007 at 6:57 pm

truly connect easily the chickenpox to our subesequent blessings of CIDP? Would there be a need for us to be here at all? Don’t think so…
Tho, I’m reading more and more that there may be other ‘links’ from the CP to other dormant things…and guess what? We are the beneficiaries? Nothing conclusive in any way or form mind you…just that the specially bred lab rats [yes! we have our own special rats!] are teaching them more and more new things about the CIDP variants that they will spend the next 50-100 years learning about. Thank you all folks…I want lots of solutions now?
Jerrie, what I don’t ‘get’ is that your docs IMMEDIETLY did a punch biopsy on you about the blisters! My derm just looked at it and said ‘clearly framiszille and dorfissle’ I was too humbled at the time to ask her to PLease spell that out so I can make notes? Dumb I know. but I got good salves Topicals that zaped the itch right away and keeping on the salves kept it away…till it didn’t happen anymore.
That GBS in a ‘family’ is rare, that there might be an ‘environmental’ factor is harder still. At least genetic testing could be done. Environmental testing is a slippery slope…I know as there have been four cases of serious auto-immune diseases in my immediate neighborhood -think the state or county want to test? NO way No HOW! Tried in-house testing,, was marginal w/no clear conclusions…I mean, flat out – what does that DO to your property values?
There are auto-immune thyroid issues that can connect tho. I’ve now Hashimotos’, an have a relative w/hemachromatosis…seems there IS a heriditary connection to such things…tho vague. I’d not shown signs of shingles – only a reaction to the IVIG intermittently, controlled with the pre-meds.

Ask questions away. Sure you must have about at least, 400 of them? That’s how I felt when I first found such support. Most folks are kind and patient. We all need to be Kind [to ourselves and others] and patient [with ourselves and others] when we feel like we do. Keep faith and patience, then apply a very LARGE dose of persistence. That is ‘all’ it takes to get diagnosed and treated the best way for YOU.