I would call and

March 25, 2008 at 10:58 am

leave a message for your neuro about this all. Do more than ASK!
Since I’ve not been on pred. I’ve no experience there, but the whole immune compromised aspect can make things need a more cautious approach.
I’m on IVIG and the TIMING of the infusions and the surgery were key to getting the most ‘punch’ from the IG and also to keep infections from settling in. I worked to have the dental surgeon and the neuro communicate together. Luckily the surgeon had had experience w/MS folks and I was his first CIDP patient and he was very cautious and careful. In my case it was a whole root extraction for a molar that couldn’t be saved.
Since your dentist has no experience in this quarter? I’d think appealing to the neuro should help things go smoothly. I sure hope so!
I didn’t have to take any anti-b’s before or after the surgery as I was on the IVIG…and many anti-b’s really don’t help us when on either pred or IG infusions. You have every right to be cautious about this…Ask questions and I hope someone w/more experience can add to my comments.
Good Luck!