I wish I could participate, but my own additional med..

November 7, 2010 at 7:28 pm

‘other’ problems make it too dangerous. But, I’m sure hoping that it mite become a normal protocol for soo many others in the future. And for [I][U]those[/U][/I] who view ‘stem cell’ research an abomination? Well, FUDGE! The cells are MINE, after all. And after all, similar procedures w/leukemia are OK to do this with I believe, and some other cancers.
I’m viewing it this way thru an analogy: IVIG is essentiallly ‘pasteurized processed’ blood product- from others; This stem cell protocol is essentially ‘pasteurized processed’ and multiplied- by a ME product. It’s a no-brainer in my H.O.! To those who can’t ‘get it all’? I truly wonder if they can even FIND the noses on their faces.
Lastly, those cost-benefit #’s are exactly the sort crunched by insurance companies over the decades… UNTIL they were forced to provide coverage either by law or public demand. Again, it’s a high cost now, in the experimental stage-for now, but those costs per person can decrease w/increased #’s participating and more key medical facilities participating.
Given the overall long-term costs between IVIG and/or Stem Cell? Again! It’s a no-brainer in that overall lifetime cost..Those dollar pinching insurance guys WILL wake up and see their profits for the long run!
Good luck and good heart to one and all!