I will receive 2nd series of Rituxan after almost 2 years

November 13, 2008 at 9:01 pm

I received my first series of Rituxan January 2007. I did not improve any but it did seem to stabilize me. After a year and a half my hands and arms have gotten worse. My Neurologist and my Hematologist have decided to do another series of 4 treatments with Rituxan and follow up with IVIG a few months later. I have never had IVIG?

The Rituxan cost $6000 per treatment. My insurance company covered a little more than half, leaving me with a $10,000 balance. I am hoping that my new insurance will cover more than the previous one. My Hematologist told me that the worst side effect of this drug is you will be broke:eek:

My Best Regards,